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In this tutorial you will learn 10 most asked interview question and answer
of C programming language.

Q1What is scope of a variable? How are variables scoped in C?

 Scope of a variable is the part of the program where the variable
 may directly be accessible. In C, all identifiers are statically scoped.

Q2- What is the meaning of base address of the array?

 The starting address of the array is called as the base address of the array.

Q3- What is the difference between actual and formal parameters?

  The parameters sent to the function at calling end are called as actual 
  parameters while at the receiving of the function definition called as 
  formal parameters.

Q4- What is token?

   A smallest individual unit of a program is called token. C has followings
   token -keyword, an identifier, a constant, a string literal, or a 
   symbol and operators.

Q5- What is a preprocessor?

  Preprocessor is a directive tag to the compiler to perform certain things before 
  the actual compilation process begins.

Q6- What is the full form of ANSI?

  American National Standards Institute.

Q7- What is infinite loop?

  A loop executing repeatedly as the loop-expression always evaluates to true.

Q8- What is constant?

 A value which cannot be modified is called so. Such variables are qualified with
 the keyword const.

Q9- What is the rules to write identifiers?

  Rule 1 Name of identifier includes alphabets, digit  and underscore.
  Rule 2 First character of any identifier must be either alphabets or underscore.
  Rule 3 Name of identifier cannot be any keyword of c program.
  Rule 4 Name of function cannot be global identifier.
  Rule 5 Identifiers are also case sensitive in C.
Q10- What are the modifiers available in C programming language?

  1. Short
  2. Long
  3. Signed
  4. Unsigned
  5. long long

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